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Choosing a Handbag for Your Loved One

Tuesday, November 25th, 2014

Besides jewelries, handbags are also women’s best friend and companion. They are amazing accessories that women will need everyday. They function as containers to hold belongings as well as to complete a look. To many women, getting the right kind of purse is a great way to express their personality. Large or small, women of all ages carry handbags as they let us carry our essential items with style.

Apart from convenience, handbags play a vital role in defining an individual’s fashion statement. If you’re going to a party or a get together, your rivals i.e., other women will judge your status with the style of the handbag you are carrying. Therefore, it is quite tough for husbands and boyfriends to select a handbag for their “better halves.”

If you’re looking for a handbag for your girlfriend or wife, you should consider her personality, appearance and of course, her choice. The combination of style, model and color should be there in the purse. If you’re specifically looking for daily usage go for a hand bag that can be hanged on her shoulder. In other words, strap should be there. These handbags can be easily carried therefore, best to carry them while going for shopping. In case, she is carrying a kid or an infant then strap becomes mandatory. Kids need to carry all the time hence, your wife or girlfriend can easily manage it with a strapped handbags. Moreover, necessary stuff for the kid such as feeding bottle or nappy can be carried in the same bag.

Are you going through a range of handbags to select one especially for a party? For parties or weddings, get your wife a handbag that she can hold in her hand. This will allow her to flaunt her style and make her rivals jealous. Therefore, the party handbags should be strapless and the most common example is a clutch. These days they are in fashion. The shiny bright color will work however; it should not be exaggerating bright. Matching clutch will be the best choice. If you know, what she’s wearing in the evening, you can be sure of the color scheme. Now comes the model and “Brand” is very crucial. Yes! Almost every woman is brand conscious so, you might need to pay some extra money if you want be accompanied by a smiling face in the evening.

Also, you need to think over the body type your better half is carrying in addition to what is in fashion. If she’s slim yet tall don’t buy a small purse. She would be walking with it as if she can’t carry anything more than that. On the contrary, you should buy a bit large sized handbag with a round base. If she is healthier than others and bit short, go for rectangular sized slim handbag. It means, while choosing the handbag you should pick the one which is exactly opposite to the body type your girl have. Women can forget their most important documents back at home however; they will never forget to take the matching handbags. They will never compromise with their style quotient, so you better understand what your wife’s or girlfriend’s style before buying a handbag for her.

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Five Types of Perfumes For Women

Monday, January 6th, 2014

Women like to wear a perfumes that suits their personality and complements their mood. Hence the best women perfumes are surely designed to match the different preferences in fragrances. The best perfumes for women range makes up for these different moods, occasions and choice of fragrances. Here we will analyse some of the top perfumes for women which have ruled the worldwide fragrance charts:

1. Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker:

This  perfume is an affordable fragrance that can be classified as a rich type too. The feel is fresh and serene. The fragrance is enriched with scents of lavender, orchid, bergamot and mandarin. The smell of this perfume cannot be resisted and puts you in a divine frame of mind. It is liked by a lot of women around the world and can be considered as one of the top perfumes for women.

2. Attraction by Lancome:

This perfume certainly stands up to its name very well. It has a truly attractive feel which makes a woman irresistible. It is known to leave an impact on everyone around and is a perfect fragrance for events like parties and meetings.

3. Chanel No. 5:

Marilyn Monroe confessed wearing this to bed every night. It has a distinct smell that is even noticeable in a crowd and will surely be a good choice while travelling or attending parties. Be ready to seduce and exhibit confidence while you wear this perfume.

4. Acqua di Gio:

This is from the popular Armani fashion house and the fragrance is a culmination of jasmine, hyacinth and sweet pea blended with woody and musky fragrances. The popular fragrance is known to cast a dream spell and doesn’t get unnoticed.

5. Victoria’s Secret Delicate Petals:

Delicate Petals is from the house of of Victoria’s secret. It is a very soft and a luxurious perfume which has a blend of musk, velvet, rose and tangerine. The main accord of this beautiful fragrance is rose. It has a very sweet and fruity base note to it.

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