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Lose Weight the Right Way Not Harmful to Health!

Wednesday, May 16th, 2012

Some people try to shed unsightly pounds by starving themselves, trying fad diets, or popping diet pills that can be detrimental to health; but healthy weight loss options can curb the expanding waistline.

Nutrient-rich foods like two eggs daily, oatmeal , sweet potatoes and leafy greens, and get moving. Instead of spending money on diet pills that may cause a variety of side effects ranging from a queasy feeling to liver, stomach, or heart disorders, team up with a buddy to do some running or enlist in a gym for regular workout sessions as unning, playing tennis, swimming, dancing the rumba, or skipping rope is simple but fun ways to shed flab.

Fit individuals who have discovered skipping rope as an effective way to lose excess pounds may engage in the activity for a full hour. If skipping rope for only 10 minutes tires you out, do not give up. The 10-minute skipping rope session is a good start and during that span of time, you can burn lost of calories, especially if you keep at it.
Some people may be bored with their exercise regimen, but there are lots of exercises that can be so much fun. Dancing is one. Swimming is another option. Start off with 10 to 20 minutes of swimming and later on increase the time to 45 minutes to burn calories and jumpstart your metabolism.

Results from a healthy weight loss plan will not happen overnight, or in a few days, but good things come to those who try — and keep adhering – to tried-and-proven ways to battle the bulge. Losing excess pounds need not mean trying out every fad diet that other people have found effective. There is a famous cookie diet, for instance, that requires dieters to eat half a dozen special cookies (containing amino acids) at fixed intervals daily, to be capped off by a nutritious meal. The problem with special diets is the dieter may not be getting enough nutrients to keep maintain optimum body functioning.

If you must take a fat-fighting supplement, choose one with an all-natural formula that is ephedra-free. Other tips to bring about healthy weight loss is to drink lots of water & green tea, and to choose healthy snacks rather than high-sodium or sugary foods..