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Guide On Buying Skin Care Products

Tuesday, June 5th, 2012

For people who have an interest in looking after themselves and value staying healthy over other things, usage of good skin care products is an absolute must. There are many advantages to using these products. While some of them are quite obvious, few attributes may not be marketed that much and might be restricted to only a few products available in the market.

It is the overall effectiveness of the cream that ultimately contributes to its popularity with the customers. Following are several tips you should keep in mind when buying skin care products

1. Know your skin type

It is important that you know your skin type. There are basically 5 skin types: oily, dry, combination, sensitive, and normal skin. You can have your doctor determine your skin type or you can try these few very easy tests yourself at home.

Just after getting up in the morning take a plain (no lotion) tissue and wipe your face. If there is oil on it you have oily skin, if there is oil just on the center panel of the tissue you have combination skin, and finally if there is no oil you have normal or dry skin.

You simply wash your face in this next test with non-greasy soap and rinse your face. If you feel like your skin is getting tight or it’s pulling you have dry skin. If you have sensitive skin, your skin will likely become irritated with your morning routine.

2. Read the label

The importance of reading the label and getting acquainted with the ingredients cannot be stressed enough. Water is a primary ingredient that should be present in moisturizers as it best hydrates the skin.

3. Calendar

Different seasons and climates require different products for the skin. So, you should buy products according to your skin type and according to the weather. For instance, your summer skin treatment should include sun block ingredients. Similarly, dry skins should be treated with care during winter to avoid dryness and rough patched.

4. Check out the price

Some of the more expensive products are among the most ineffective but some do work. Less expensive products also are likely to be ineffective.Products like antioxidant serum may cost a bit more but healthy skin is worth it.

5. Use Regularly

The key to positive results is to use the products regularly and to follow the directions. Anti-aging creams and night creams are specific products that should follow a regimen otherwise the purpose is defeated. Use your products as often as they are recommended for best results..

A Guide for Beginners about Foot Care

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012

The feet are one of the most under-appreciated parts of our body. Except when we are trying out new footwear, most of us commonly forget to take care of them with regards to skin care. And no, visiting a foot care clinic to have your soles scrubbed every few months or so cannot be considered as foot care. What you really need is to adopt a skin care routine much the same as you have with your face. Believe it or not, even though the face and the feet seem to be on opposite sides of the pole, they also share some qualities or two.

For example, just like our face, our feet also need to be washed every morning and before going to bed. This is to prevent bacteria from breeding which may lead to nasty problems such as smelly feet. And not just because you are wearing closed shoes already means that your feet are no longer exposed to bacteria. In fact, feet which are kept enclosed in stuffy footwear during most of the day are more prone to the breeding of bacteria because these germs favor moist and enclosed environments.

Besides from regularly washing your feet, you also need to get yourself two important foot cream products. The first is the exfoliating foot cream which you should use once every two weeks. Similar to our face, our feet also accumulate dead skin cells and it is our responsibility to shed these off to let a new layer of healthy and young looking skin to emerge. Forgetting to exfoliate can lead to problems such as dry skin, calluses, and even cracked heels so make sure to whip out your exfoliating foot cream at least twice a month. Moreover, you also need to shop for a good moisturizing foot cream. The skin on our feet may not be as sensitive as the skin on our face but it also needs moisturizing to keep it well hydrated and healthy. Use a good exfoliating foot cream with an ingredient like Shea Butter which not only moisturizes but also boosts the natural moisture production of the skin as well.

Moisturize every day preferably before going to bed because applying a moisturizer during the day before you slip on your shoes can sometimes lead to smelly feet due to the moisture provided by the product. Instead, make it a habit to wash your feet every night and apply generous amounts of moisturizer before going to bed..