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Take Care Nail for Men

Tuesday, March 20th, 2012

Clean Up

To start with, special attention should be paid to your fingernails. When cleaning your hands, be sure to clean just not the palm and the fingers, but also the fingernails. In most pharmacies and retail stores, you will find nail brush which are not very costly. Buy one and use it to clean the dirt under the fingernails at least once every day.

Keep Nails Short

Of course if you keep your fingernails short, then chances of dirt accumulating under it will be less. But always trim your fingernails with nail clippers and not your teeth. Many men have this habit of tearing off their nails with teeth either consciously or unconsciously. It is not only a bad habit but unhygienic as well because germs in your fingernails then can easily get into your mouth and not to mention jagged and uneven edges! So, as WebMD suggests, use the clipper to clip nails straight across and round off slightly at the edges. Pay a little more time to your nails and smooth any jagged edges with a nail file.

Cuticle Care

The next step of nail care for men is maintaining the cuticles. Cuticles are the soft tissues that surround your nails. After you take your shower or when you have washed your hands, gently push back your cuticles. Remember never to cut them as it can lead to infection.

Take Care Of Hangnails

Often you will find bits of bothersome dry skin around your cuticles. These are called hangnails and you should clip them with cuticle scissors to avoid further problem.


Your hands and nails are in danger of drying up because they are washed frequently and exposed to all the harsh elements. So it is very important, as WebMD suggests that you use a good moisturizing cream, gel or lotion after washing your hands. If you are particular about your products, then there are hand and body lotions for men available in the market; otherwise a good moisturizer is enough for this step of nail care for men.


If you are meticulous about your looks, then buff your nails to give that polished look and a nail buffer can help you to get that. You will find this product in various types in most retail stores and pharmacies. Instruction of use is generally written on the package which you should follow for best result..