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Best Hairdressers in London

Friday, April 25th, 2014

Are you having a bad hair day? Worry not for you are in a city that has its fair share of talented hairdressers. Whether you are looking to hide those hideous roots, put on a trendy new hair color or simply change your entire look, you will not have any trouble finding a hairdresser in London (according Timeout ) who can do it for you. You shouldn’t worry about cost either – the best hairdressers cater to all kinds of budgets. Here are 3 that you can sample.

Aveda 140 West Chapel Hill Parks and Recreation

Hairdresser from Aveda – source

1. Aveda Institute

If you are looking for a London hairdresser that will give you an all round session of body pampering, this is the place to go. They offer more than just great hair color and fabulous cuts; you will get top quality natural products for your body and your hair. You will also get fabulous manicures and pedicures. What makes the Aveda Institute stand out? The fact that it offers such a serene environment. You will not experience all the fuss and chit chat that is found in most salons. Its modern setting is also very appealing; it is designed to provide maximum comfort.

2. Stuart Phillips

Do you want to have the same hands that worked on the likes of Ivana Trump and Jamie Oliver worked on your hair? You can if you are lucky enough to visit the salon when Stuart Phillips is around. He has created a salon that offers all kinds of hairdressing services while at the same time remaining realistic and down to earth to regular customers. It is especially recommended for those who have problem hair – they know exactly what to do with dead and limp hair, frizzy hair and all other kinds of hair problems that you may have.

3. Andrew Barton Salon

You know Andrew Barton as a hairdresser who works on celebrities but this doesn’t mean that he will not work on your hair. Located at Covent Garden, this hairdresser has assembled a team of hairdressers who create a welcoming environment. If you like your salon experience with a little chit chat, this will be just perfect for you – clients and hairdressers alike while the time away with friendly casual banter. Be prepared to relax as you get a cut, color, manicure or pedicure. The establishment even offers tea and biscuits to all its clients and the whole experience doesn’t cost you very much – you can expect to pay just £10 to get your hair cut, colored and finished.

Look fabulous every day with the help of these top London hairdressers.

Some Tips For Eye Makeup

Monday, April 14th, 2014
One thing that women are most passionate about is looking beautiful. Quality make up adds charm to the personality of a woman. Whether going out for casual hangouts or for parties or for date or simply to the workplace, they want to be in their best look always. While all facial features work in unity to enhance the beauty, most part of the beauty is constituted by eyes. Make-up for eyes is not meant just to highlight them but to beautify them as well. Beautiful eyes complete most part of the facial make-up.Eye makeup is basically about using eye shadow, mascara and eyeliner skillfully. Here are a few tips to help you to do just that:

Choosing And Applying Eye Shadow: These days, eye shadow is available in myriads of beautiful colors in the form of creams, powders, and glittery dust. Eye shadow is used to highlight the eyes. The shadow should be chosen according to the occasion, the time of day, the tone of your skin, the color of your hair, and, of course, the color of your eyes. When applying the eye shadow, it is best to begin by first applying a foundation on the eyelids, in a thin layer, and top it with a layer of face powder. This will allow you to apply the eye shadow more smoothly, and also make it last longer. The next thing to keep in mind is to choose eye shadow brushes of good quality, which are angled and flat. This will help you to apply the eye shadow more evenly and accurately. Also, select colors that blend well together, and always make sure to work your way from lighter shades to darker ones.

Applying The Eyeliner: Once you finish with the eye shadow, give definition to your eyes by applying an eyeliner. The eyeliner should be applied in a thin line, as close to the lashes as possible. However, if you like a thicker and darker line, which adds more drama, why not go for it. If it is a standard look you want, stick to natural colors, which are various shades of brown. A black colored liner adds more emphasis, which is not very popular these days, with the look tending to be more toward the make-up less look. If you want drama, however, use all the vivid colors available these days, from blues to greens to mauves. Eyeliners are available in liquids and pencils. Line both the upper and lower lids to get the best effect. But you can apply a thick liner on just the upper lid, which will give you a mysterious, heavy lidded look. Use your imagination and try out different shades and ways to apply it. Your eyes are emphasized the best when you enhance their shape by using three matching shades, which go from light, to medium, to a darker tone. Use the darkest tones on the outer areas of the eyes.

Finish Off With Mascara: Your eyes get beautifully framed by applying mascara on your lashes. They add a line of contrast with the eye shadow, enhancing its effect. Brown and black are the favorite colors, but again, just go ahead and experiment. You can add a light dusting of gold or silver, if you want, especially for night-time wear. If you are one of those women who like to go light on the makeup, use mascara sparingly, for a sophisticated look.

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