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Brow Bitchin All The Way To Beauty

Monday, March 31st, 2014

Bitchin Brows has built its foundation on being able to highlight and bring out the unique beauty in each woman`s face with the influential power of a shaped brow which is what sets Celebrity Make-Up Beauty Expert & Image Consultant Tammy Carraway`s brand from other beauty brows. Little by Little the “Bitchin Brows” brand is on a mission to turn its thousands of loyal customers one by one from admirers to her coined phrase and well sought out “closet chick.”  To go along with the “Bitchin Brows Brand” is soon to come the “Make Up Closet” which is also a part of Tammy Carraway`s beauty brand. The bitchin bar provides a display not only in variety of bitchin brow kits ranging in price from $10.00-$55.00 but actual make-up lessons, workshops, how to classes, and brow parties at an affordable cost. To top it all off, the “Bitchin Brows” Make Up Closet is even expanded into other branches of business such as Private/Event location Rental with many on location services comprising of video shoots, movies, photo shoots, and much more..